At our core, we are a mission-oriented company deeply committed to agriculture. While we specialize in crafting captivating scents, our true purpose lies in uniting communities, supporting mental health initiatives, and making a positive impact on as many lives as possible along our journey.


When Say By Yani first started, we began as an affirmation page, aiming to share the uplifting words we created with others. We firmly believe that the words we tell ourselves shape our lives profoundly. Following affirmations, we introduced lavender. Our founder dedicated two years to cultivating the initial batches. After lavender, we expanded into creating products. Before the retail stores and before serving 3600 customers, our primary goal in crafting meaningful products was to ensure that a portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold would contribute to causes we deeply care about.


Our mission is to create for individuals who are seeking purpose, inspiration, and transformative experiences. We strive to serve those who value personal growth, wellness, and community connection. Our creations are designed to resonate with individuals who appreciate the power of positive affirmations, the therapeutic benefits of scents, and the profound impact that self-care can have on one's overall well-being. We are driven by a passion for making a difference in the lives of our customers, and our mission is centered around providing them with products that uplift, empower, and enrich their lives.We have a special affinity for curly hair, color treated hair, textured hair, frizzy hair, fly away riddled hair, hair in need of some extra TLC and those experiencing hair loss.


We are deeply committed to supporting trauma survivors in their healing journey by providing them with essential therapy services at no cost. Specifically, individuals who have experienced sexual abuse and domestic violence find significant benefits from each bottle sold. To ensure these survivors receive the necessary therapy, we proudly donate to the Safe Center Long Island. The remarkable work carried out by this organization for survivors is truly inspiring. We are steadfast in our commitment to donating to the Safe Center Long Island and amplifying their impactful voice.



Yanique Richards, the Founder and Creative Director of Say by Yani, leads a purpose-driven Beauty & Wellness business. In addition to this role, Yani excels as a hairstylist, holistic hair care educator, virtual professional photography instructor, content creator for renowned global brands, and a motivational speaker. As a visionary, Yani intertwines her love for agriculture and beauty, resulting in the creation of holistic haircare products that convey profound messages. These products are currently stocked in five retail stores, with more locations in the pipeline. Yani has carved out a distinctive niche by nurturing lavender in her garden and infusing it into her unique creations. She takes immense pride in harmonizing her passions to foster a deeper connection between individuals and the Earth, all while making a positive impact.

Yani's career has been marked by diverse creative roles and collaborations with prestigious organizations. Her active engagement in social activism and inclusion campaigns across the USA further exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact. As a Howard University graduate and former member of the DC Water team, Yani considers successfully leading her own company as a millennial entrepreneur to be her proudest accomplishment yet. Her overarching objective is to develop additional products that align with her philanthropic pursuits, with the aim of normalizing luxury and self-care for individuals of every hair type. Yani's aspirations extend beyond borders as she seeks to inspire and uplift as many people as she can along the way.